Multi Search Engines

Multi torrent search engines are becoming more and more popular as they give you the ability to search multiple torrent websites at the same time which not only saves you lots of time but allows you to heavily multitask when it comes to looking for a specific file. With Google removing more and more results at the request of the anti-p2p organizations, torrent search engines are becoming the best alternative as they dedicate their resources to specifically searching torrents. Below you can view the most popular torrent search engines.

Scrapetorrent is one of the better multi torrent search engines that is available, it essentially scrapes the popular torrent indexers and allows you to search them all at once with an easy to use website interface and plenty of advanced search options. On the scrapetorrent website it describes its self in the below quote.

The ScrapeTorrent torrent search engine collects torrent search results from all of the biggest torrent indexes across the web to make finding the desired content as fast as possible by giving you the largest number of search results possible. Finding the exact torrent is easy, too With a handful of filtering and sorting options to choose from. Viewing and comparing torrent details is easy with the drop-down torrent preview feature and clean and easy to read interface.

NowTorrents is a popular torrent search engine that is described as a meta search engine that essentially searches multiple torrent websites. NowTorrents claims to have a spotless relationship with copyright holders and features the most searched terms on their index page and in a cloud. NowTorrents is an excellent choice if you are looking for a good mutli torrent website search engine and describes its self in the below quote.

NowTorrents is an advanced real-time search engine for bit-torrents. Our servers scan the largest torrent websites on the internet and come up with the best results. NowTorrents is also able to detect and remove fake/dead torrents. This is a legal website; we do not host any copyrighted content, nor do we host any .torrent files or link directly to .torrent files.

Torrent-finder searched an extremely large collection of torrent websites and much like the other multi torrent site search engines it features a tag cloud for recent and popular searches as well as other nifty features that will save you lots of time when downloading. Torrent-finder describes its self on it’s website in the below quote.

Torrent Finder is a Torrent Search Engine which searches top torrent sites from one page; The results from each site will be displayed in tabs or small horizontal frames. These results will lead to small files (1-3kb) with a .torrent extension, after you download these files add them to your favorite torrent client to start downloading the sources you are searching for with your usual download speed. like other multi search engines for torrent websites is capable of searching numerous torrent websites. What is interesting about is the community aspect that they seem to push, they feature not only the usual cloud of searches that other engines feature but they have numerous polls and other content such as blog posts and achievements. doesn’t have as much information describing themselves as the other search engines but it does say the below.

Search the top search sites from one single search bar.
No hassle: enter your search keywords just once above! Then pick search engines to search. We’ve already added the most popular ones.

Much like the other search engines that are featured, torrentpond searches multiple torrent websites at the same time. Unlike tscan and it’s various polls, torrentpond is not quite as ‘social’ or ‘community’ related but it does feature statistics from the engine as well as keyword searches. Torrentpond also features a nifty ‘suggest an idea’ button which gives you as a user a sense of contribution to the website. The features offered by torrentpond listed above coupled with their news section and other minor features makes torrentpond one of my favourite multi search engines for torrent files. Torrentpond describes its self in the below quote.

TorrentPond is not just another torrents site with its own database of torrents. Quite differently, it is a quick access point to all of your favourite torrents sites. It is a protal that centralizes the top torrents search engines in one place, saving you the effort of repeating your query in different pages. In TorrentPond you are just one click away from the search results of any site.



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