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These isoHunt proxies are for isoHunt which is one of the most popular torrent websites on the internet and in terms of popularity would be in manies opinion be neck and neck with kickasstorrents and a few other various torrent websites. isoHunt is much like The Pirate Bay (TPB is blocked in many countries and requires a TPB version of isoHunt proxies to access) and other torrent websites in terms of being a Torrent Indexing website. isoHunt was launched in 2003 and as of 2013 is still online and unblocked throughout most of the world. Even in the United Kingdom, isoHunt can be accessed without isoHunt proxies as it is still unblocked (the U.K has blocked TPB, Kickass etc). For privacy purposes you may still want to use isoHunt proxies.


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Like most torrent indexing websites and torrent trackers, isoHunt is no exception to controversy and legal battles with anti-piracy outfits. isoHunt is well known for being hosted in Canada where it moved to in 2007 (the founder Gary Fung is also a Canadian national). isoHunt is also known for its approach in removing content due to DMCA requests where as websites such as The Pirate Bay strongly oppose DMCA and are well known for publicly publishing DMCA requests. If you would like to anonymously access isoHunt you can do so via one of the isoHunt proxies we list. You can read more about isoHunt at Wikipedia here.