H33T Proxies

These H33T proxies are of course for the torrent website H33T which was blocked in the United Kingdom by the high courts at the same time as Kickasstorrents and Fenopy. These H33T proxies are for educational purposes and it is your responsibility to check if you can legally access H33t and as a result safely use these H33T proxies. Although H33T is well known and a popular torrent indexing website, there is little information in the form of a Wikipedia entry or other similar website entries. aboutus.org does however have some brief information about H33T.com which will be summarised below. If you would simply like to access the H33T proxies listed please also see directly below for the link.


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The website that these H33T proxies are for (H33T.com) is described on aboutus.org as being a non-profit website that is essentially a modern library for torrents. H33T is non-profit but does accept donations to pay for the costs of servers and software. H33T is also noted as being advertisement free for the sole reason that the admins ‘love what we do’. You can read the full aboutus here.

H33T has been featured many times on torrent news websites such as the well known and respected Torrent Freak website. An article on TorrentFreak quotes one of the H33T admins as saying the below:

“Attacking H33T is an attack on sharers, that is the real BPI agenda. The BPI and their MAFIAA masters are playing for control of consumption of digital media in the UK. Independent networks of people freely sharing content is a challenge to their broken business model”

You can read the full TorrentFreak article here.