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You can view all proxies by following the below links. Torrent Bunker has proxies in proxy lists for all main torrent websites as well as a large variety of general proxies listed. A proxy will allow you to anonymously browse a website and will bypass filters blocking certain websites. It is the users responsibility to ensure they are legally permitted to access any website blocked in their country and all proxies are provided for educational purposes.


The Pirate Bay Proxies

The pirate Bay is a popular torrent website which is blocked in most European countries. The Pirate Bay now lists magnet links.

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KickassTorrents Proxies

KickassTorrents was blocked in the United Kingdom by the high courts and is well known as a popular torrent indexing website.

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isoHunt Proxies

isoHunt is still unblocked throughout most of the world and is hosted in Canada. isoHunt is a torrent indexing website.

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H33T Proxies

H33T is a non-profit torrent indexing website that was blocked in the United Kingdom at the same time as KickassTorrents.

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If you would like to submit a proxy to Torrent Bunker you can do so by using the submit contact form located here. Please use the search function before submitting a proxy.